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Juliana, founder, and groomer of Plush Spa has been grooming since 2010. She has a deep passion for dogs and takes pride in delivering a premium and personalized dog grooming experience while ensuring your dog is comfortable. Her skills go beyond grooming and deliver a service that specializes in senior dogs and dogs with anxiety. The proud owner of Pickle, a rescue from the Onondaga reservation, is always up to date by attending grooming conventions and makes sure the cutting edge of grooming is delivered in her service.

Plush Spa is an AKC safety certified dog groomer offering dog grooming, cat grooming, boarding and doggie daycare.


Nikki graduated cosmetology school in 2014 and from there realized she loved styling hair, but preferred to do it on animals. She started bathing and cutting her cats nails at 10 and never stopped. She began professionally grooming in 2015. She grooms both dogs as well as cats. Nikki also is a professional dog trainer and trains service dogs in her spare time. She has 6 cats and one husky, Niko, of her own! She'd love to meet your animals! 

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Hi, my name’s Abby Bishop. I’ve always had a passion for animals, as well as a knack for the arts. Grooming has become an amazing part of my life and a dream career, I love building relationships with my clients as well as their fur babies! My favorite grooms to do are smaller breed dogs like poodle mixes, shih tzus, and pomeranians. I also love doing de-sheds on Huskies and love their eccentric personalities.

(315) 937 4267
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