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Hi, my name’s Abby Bishop. I’ve always had a passion for animals, as well as a knack for the arts. Grooming has become an amazing part of my life and a dream career, I love building relationships with my clients as well as their fur babies! My favorite grooms to do are smaller breed dogs like poodle mixes, shih tzus, and pomeranians. I also love doing de-sheds on Huskies and love their eccentric personalities.


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Hi, my name is Madi, with over 3 years of experience I have a true passion for pampering your pups! Initially starting at a doggy daycare, building relationships with dogs and their families became a highlight of my day.  As a pet owner myself to my Shih Tzu Louie giving the best care is my top priority. I have quite the bow collection! Down to the very end of their pampering experience I love to make it special especially with accessories! If I had to pick a favorite dog to groom it would be Goldendoodles! 


Hello! My name is Karley, I have been grooming dogs since 2019 and cats since 2022! My favorite breed to groom is a shih tzu and I also love a good deshed. My favorite part about grooming is getting to see so many different pups and taking care of them for the short time we are together!  During my free time I love to golf and hanging out with my cats :) 

Hi, my name is Sydnie and I have been a groomer for 5 years now. What I love most about being a groomer is to be able to give each dog a complete makeover as well as treat each dog to its own personalized spa day. Each dog has their own unique look and personality that always warms my heart. My favorite breeds to groom are King Charles cavaliers and schnauzers. In my free time I enjoy taking my dog on hikes, kayaking and biking!


(315) 937 4267
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