Meet Plush Spa's team

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Opening her own business was something Juliana always dreamed of, so that she could provide all pets the treatment they deserve, only using specially formulated products for healthy coats and skin, never using harsh detergents. As a lover of Asian fusion haircuts, she tries to incorporate her passion in her grooming so that the dogs can all look plush!

Juliana, founder, and groomer of Plush Spa, has been grooming since 2010.

She has a deep passion for dogs and takes pride in delivering a premium and personalized dog grooming experience while ensuring your dog is comfortable. Her skills go beyond grooming and deliver a service that specializes in senior dogs and dogs with anxiety. The proud owner of Pickle, a rescue from the Onondaga reservation, is always up to date by attending grooming conventions and makes sure the cutting edge of grooming is delivered in her service.

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My name's Alanna, and I've had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to do work with animals, and when I stumbled into dog grooming, I fell in love. I now have 3 wonderful pooches of my own; a lab, a golden, and a beagle mix, who have helped me in becoming a better groomer, and always keep me on my toes! I love being able to relate to my clients through my experiences with my own dogs, as well as  being able to provide excellent care and attention to their dogs' needs. It's always fun to work together to find a grooming style that fits each pooch, and every day is a new adventure with our plush pups!

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